Anne Constance Paris is a curious, free and optimistic woman. It is above all a story of life, a constant search to learn, to reinvent oneself. It is taking action, risking imperfection but trying again. Clothes where you feel good, unfailing elegance, a hint of relaxation and the audacity of a reinvented femininity, this is the DNA of our brand.

Our wish: that you feel beautiful, confident and unique in our creations. It's the desire to have fun, to make you smile, to make you happy. This objective goes hand in hand with a desire to produce in a reasoned way and with respect for the environment and people.

With love, fun and listening to your desires, we work every moment to make Anne Constance Paris a bold and sincere brand.

the creator

« I am Anne Constance, creator of the eponymous brand Anne Constance Paris.».

With a degree in visual arts, fashion design, model making, as well as in luxury marketing, I have become a veritable Swiss Army knife of fashion. Thanks to the Talents de Mode de Lyon prize in 2007, I was able to realize my dream of independence and create my own brand.

The apogee of this dream comes with the opening of my Anne Constance Paris boutique, as well as that of my clothing workshop, both located in Paris.s.

For me, fashion aims to enhance everyone's look, express their personality and tell a story. Constantly on the move, I am looking for uniqueness with a self-assertive wardrobe. I like to create with love and passion collections inspired by my clients, at the same time elegant, retro and girly, in which we feel good.»

“to offer chic, unique and ethical fashion”